Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quick summary of Day 1 (Tuesday, Jan 6)

Hi all,

I got to Seattle a little after noon today and headed down to the rink for some practice. This was our first time in our jackets, so not only did we throw well, we all looked super fabulous doing it! :)

Afterwards, we went for dinner, then a few of us watched the Super League games (Granite's most competitive league, which includes a lot of folks who will be playing this weekend.)

I'm now about to sack out at Cyndy, Jeremy and Gravity's place. (Gravity is their adorable beagle.) Tomorrow, I'll practice a little at 9 and 3, then play in a league game at 7ish and generally just take it easy and have fun. The official practice is on Thurs morning and our first game is Thurs afternoon.

Hope you're all doing well and thanks for the support!

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